Our Motto

YourTaste team did an extensive research of the Malwa region Namkeen(Indore, Ujjain and Ratlam and many more) and with time we put local brands of each individual cities online. Currently we have started with Ujjain city and its local brands of Namkeen. Soon we will be putting local brands of other cities (Indore, Bhopal and Ratlam and many more) on-board.

Our mission is simple and clear – “To bring the local brands of Malwa region on web platform and let reach the taste of Malwa Namkeens to every corner of the world.” Our uniqueness resides in the fact that we are not manufacturer of any new taste. It’s your taste and you are enjoying it since childhood, our job is just to ensure that the distance of your hometown never come as a factor for compromising on your taste. We are just shortening the distance of you and your taste so that you can feel your hometown at any corner of the world.

How simply yourtaste.in works?

  • Log on to yourtaste.in
  • Select your city’s favourite brand.
  • Select your favourite namkeen product and place a order.
  • Soon we will delivered the order at your doorstep.


We are very grateful for the pleasure of serving you. We hope you continue to enjoy…..!!