Why Your Taste ?

What is yourtaste.in?

YourTaste.in is a unique platform where you can find the mouth watering snacks of local brands of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. In this age of globalization, People are leaving their hometown and moving to other cities for chasing their dreams. Youngsters left their hometown and get relocated to other city temporarily or permanently for job or any other reason. And what they missed most in the concrete of metro cities is the taste of the local streets of their hometown. That’s why we bring the concept of YourTaste.in so that you can get local taste of your cities Anytime Anywhere.

Why choose yourtaste.in?

Our mission is to providing customers the taste of local namkeen brands rather than compromising with some customized snacks packed in fancy polythene packs.

What you have to do is simply login to www.yourtaste.in, select your city (Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain or Ratlam etc.) and select the local brands of city (Bafna, Maheshwari etc.). Our team will collect the namkeen from respective brand and will deliver at your door in any city of India.